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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Conference bag plus shirt

I made myself a new tote bag out of some stuff headed to the garbage:  An old conference bag from 5 years ago and a shirt that Brian discarded due to red ink stains and snags.
refashioned bag
This is a pretty decent bag, as far as conference bags go.   It’s sturdy canvas with a zipper.  It’s Just. So. Ugly.
upcycle conference bag tote
I bought this golf shirt for Brian, possibly even at full price  (GASP!) because I loved the color.  I was trying to be supportive of his hobby, I guess.  It’s one of those breathable shirts that the golf people sell.  Unfortunately, it did not withstand the laundering conditions at my house and landed in the throw away pile.
refashion upcycled shirt

I cut the shirt into one inch strips and then ruffled them until I had yards and yards of ruffles.  Those crazy conference people had printed stuff on the back AND the front of the bag, so I used every possible part of the shirt to get enough ruffles.strips of ruffles from shirt
This is all that was left of the shirt! Wow, right?
I used my hot glue gun to attach the rows of ruffles on the bag.  And I glued on some rolled flowers made from some old lady scarves.   I love how it turned out, transforming two ugly things into something pretty and useful.
refashioned bag DIY

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Neabear said...

That is so clever! I love how you find ways to reuse things. The bag looks awesome!!


Nanette said...

The bag looks great!! I would never have thought to create the ruffles. Crafty!!!

Unknown said...

What an awesome transformation! I would totally eyeball that bag if I saw it in a store! And, gee, I have loads of those ugly bags in the bottom of my linen closet (which is another project for another day). So glad I saw this on Roadkill Rescue! Great creativity!

Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

Mandy said...

This is GENIOUS!! I have soooo many of these conference totes. Now, I finally know what to do with them.
ps. I found you through Roadkill Rescue and am a new follower :)

Anne said...

Visiting from Roadkill Rescue... love this!! Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

This is just darling! Found you via Roadkill Rescue, and I'm Pinning this. Thank you for sharing, and great rescue!

An Inviting Home said...

This is so cute! Very creative and easy to do...this would be one of my votes for the top 12 on the creating with the stars contest. :-)


Anonymous said...

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