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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ruffled pillows

I've decided to enter my ruffle pillow into a sewing contest, which looks really fun.   Even if I'm not chosen as a contestant, I'll be watching to see the fabulous projects that are created in the process.    Check out Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night to see what it's all about!

I'm crazy about the Urban Outfitter's Waterfall collection. 
Don't you just love it?

All those glorious ruffles make me really happy.
But the price tag....not so happy.

($48 for a sham and $198 for a duvet)

Instead, I grabbed:
*one of Brian's tee shirts for the ruffles
*a pillow form a friend gave me
*left over drop cloth fabric for the base of the pillow

I cut the entire tee shirt (even the sleeves!) into 3 inch strips.  The strips ruffled up beautifully when I changed the stitch length to 5 and the tension up to 9.   A gazillion pins held the ruffled lines in place for me, and I sewed 6 rows of ruffles.
I considered making a ruffle duvet for my bed......but lol....don't think that's going to happen anytime soon!
tee shirt upcycle recycletee shirt upcycle recycle

Another friend gave me an Ann Taylor cami, saying that I could probably do "something" with it. I checked to make sure I couldn't repair the straps for her (nope!), then cut the soft material up into strips and ruffled it up.  I used some iron on tapeto glue it onto a really boring striped pillow.
ruffle pillow
DIY pillow
Joshua wanted to pose with the ruffles.
That fake grin makes me cringe. Please tell me that he'll *really* smile one of these days... 



Traci Michele said...

so pretty!!!

Erin said...

Seriously Amy Jo . . . where do you find the time??? You're one incredible woman. That's all I can say.

Amy Jo said...


I have the same amount of time as Mother Theresa and Albert Einstien.....but I use it to wipe snotty noses and cut up old tee-shirts. lol

Lindsey said...

I KNEW you'd find something to do with it!! hahahah! Is the Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein quote and AJT original? I might need to borrow it!!

Pin said...

These look amazing!

Neabear said...

Looking back at older posts I missed. This is another great project you have done!


ashley putnam said...

Did you finish the bottom edge of the ruffles in any way? I'm planning to make a duvet cover and I can't decide how I want to handle that part. It seems like a lot of extra work on an already time consuming project, but I don't know how else to keep them from fraying. But it doesn't look like you did anything to yours & they certainly aren't frayed!


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