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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eat in kitchen


I am lucky to have a pretty decent size kitchen.  It's about four times larger than our first kitchen, so I was THRILLED and completely happy with it for a while.   We set up our dining room table (that was a perfect fit at the old place) and thought it was great.

And it was great.....until I started really looking at the space.   Without much warning, I suddenly hated the color of the table.  And then I realized the rectangle shape was ALL. WRONG. for the space.  It had to go.
I found this beauty on Craig's List for $40.   It was pretty nasty and grimy, but I could see the potential in the round shape, (and an additional leaf) the great pedestal and leg combo and most of all the incredible carvings along the edges.    I love it.    Maybe "really like it" is a better way to describe it now that I've painted, glazed, repainted the top, sanded then repainted once again with oil based paint.  That's three paint jobs, in case you lost count.   Just the other day Grace smashed her  fork on the table and now I see 5 fork holes.   I'm not re-painting.

Once that gorg table was brought into the kitchen, I realized that a gigantic window seat would look AWESOME in the space.     I went to the ReStore and was lucky enough to nab each of the cabinets for $35 each.  Lowe's donated several truck loads of brand new cabinetry to the ReStore because they were switching out the brands or something.  They were marked $90 at Lowe's.   That's a deal! 

I hired someone to install them, since I don't have any math skills, and very limited power tool skills.   Now I have a ton of storage space that is accessible to the kids.   Tricky.....Tricky.... What  do I want out of sight, but don't care if the kids paw through it?

One of the cabinets holds crayons and coloring books.  Another holds party supplies, and a bunch of them are empty for now until I can think of something the kids won't mess with.

I liked the white bench, but it was getting dirty very quickly and showing it.   I also knew that a cushion would bring in some color.   ("Why is everything around here White, WHITE, WHITE????"  Kaylee complained after I painted it white, instead of purple.)

The fabric is an outdoor canvas, so it should hold up pretty good.    I love the colors in the pattern, and know that it will hide a lot of dirt.   I think that's a good thing..... 

I wrapped the two foam sections in an old shower curtain liner before wrapping the fabric.   That foam is WICKED expensive, and I want it to last until the end of all time.  The shower curtain will hopefully protect it from stains so I can replace the fabric as needed.   I wrapped the fabric up like a present and secured it with safety pins.   :)  No sewing required!


Neabear said...

Wow! What an awesome redo of your dining room! I love how it turned out. I am curious what else you will think of to store in the cabinets.


Ronda said...

The funny thing is that the white table is EXACTLY what I will want if we end up getting the house we're looking at in Wisconsin. it's actually what the current owners have, and I wonder if they'll leave it for me!
Great job on the benches...I would never have thought of that!


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