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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Picture canvas DIY

For Christmas this year, I gave Brian some canvas family prints.   (I wanted a good deadline to push myself and he is *really* hard to buy presents for too)

I picked two of my favorite family pictures from last summer and ordered them from Wal-Mart in the biggest size possible, 16x24.  They were about $12 each with free shipping to my house.


I bought two blank canvases from one of the craft stores when they were on sale.

A lot of mod podge glue, a little craft paint around the edges, and TA DA!



They turned out great and people think I bought them from one of those picture canvas places. 

I came across a killer sale on canvases the other day and now I have 6 large canvases waiting for me.   Oh yeah.



Neabear said...

Love how the pictures turned out! You did a great job putting them on the canvas!


Sara said...

woohoo what a steal!! This is amazing! I would love to do this with one of our wedding photos

Christy {Christy's Customs} said...

I am looking to do something very similar but am new to mod podge... did you use a glossy photo?? Almost everything I find says to make a copy onto regular paper but I have a panoramic photo that doesn't easily copy... just wondering what your prints were :)

Thanks- and super cute!!


Made by Brian Trager