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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ruffle Scarf out of pants

Once upon a time I had a hard day with the kids. I made something lame for dinner, like grilled cheese. When Brian came home from work I calmly stated, "This is what is for dinner. I'm leaving now. It'll be much better for everyone if I go." Then I went to Dunkin Donuts to get the most amazing pumpkin muffin in the world and a decaf coffee. My very first decaf cup...."coffee without a reason" as Brian calls it. I puttered around a nearby store, then texted home to see how things were going.

Me: "I'm doing better now. Want me to come home?"
B: "We're good. Stay out as long as you want."

Smart man.
So I went to a thrift shop called Savers. I guess they are all over the place? I like ours because it's HUGE and the clothes are separated out by size.
I was browsing through the pants, looking for velvet pants to cut up to make plush velvet pumpkins, when I came across ruffles.
On pants.
I literally did a double take, then laughed and threw them into my cart. $5. Cheap fun....I knew I could do something cool.
But first I had to try them on just to see what ruffle pants would look like.
They were a perfect fit! Comfy too. I had a brief thought, "Maybe ruffled pants is a good idea! Maybe this looks really cute!"
But Brian actually gasped when I came floating down the stairs in my ruffles. "You're not going to wear that to work are you? I mean.... what is that?"  LOL
I cut the legs off and sewed them together to get a long ruffled tube.  Sewed a couple straight lines and
A super easy, super fun, ruffled scarf.


Neabear said...

I have never seen ruffled pants before. Looks great as a scarf!

Nice that Brian was so understanding about your needing some time away from the kids. Yep he is a smart man!
And you are lucky to have him.


Christine said...

Love them as a scarf! Glad you got a well deserved break!! Your blog looks awesome...

Anonymous said...

So many people would just pass right by those ruffled pants (never knew such a thing existed!) but you find the potential in everything! Glad to see you gave them a second life! Can never have enough cozy scarves!!


tweezle said...

Wow! Those pants are so... oh wow! That's one fashion that I don't remember. Really cool idea turning them into a scarf. Bravo!


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