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Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick fix for my new yoga pants

As if I do yoga.   LOL
They are my pajama pants…
My walking-out-to-the-bus-in-the-early- morning pants.  They were a few inches too long so I tied them up out of my way on a rainy morning.
These knotted pants made me think of the 80’s jeans roll.  I was so good at that, although I never wore sexy shoes when I was a teenager.  I also used to tie up my baggy t-shirts on the side…gah….
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I cut off 3 inches from the bottom of the pants and now all is well with my yoga pants.   No more 80’s flash backs.  Tee shirt fabric never frays, so no hemming or sewing was involved in this super duper quick fashion fix.


Erin said...

Don't they curl up on the bottom now? T-shirt fabric always seems to roll when it's cut . . .

Amy Jo said...

Yes! They do roll up at the bottom, but I don't mind that. It's almost like a rolled hem and way more finished looking than an actual hem that I could sew on that material.


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