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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things heard around my house: December 2012

Signing "Dad"

(Signing “Dad”)

Joshua:   Mom, I think you should sell some of my underwear.

Me:  What?

Joshua:  I have WAAAAAY too many of them in my drawer!

2012-12-06 002 2012-12-06 025

Here mom!  I make you a paper airplane to share with all your mommy friends! (Grace showed me a “thing” she made out of 6 pieces of paper all taped together)

2012-12-01 001 2012-12-01 006

( Signing Santa)

Brian:  How do you know the real Santa Clause?  There are 2 ways to tell.

Joshua and Kaylee:  Because he has a real beard and he knows sign language!!!!

2012-12-06 001 2012-12-06 002

Can we listen to Justin BEAVER?  Kaylee asked in the car.   (Yup.  I have Justin Bieber ‘s music.  Listening to “I believe” was just what I needed at that moment.)2012-12-01 002 2012-12-01 004

(Reading a letter from Martin Elfie, our Elf on a shelf.)

On the first day of snow:

Joshua:  Whoa!  Instead of pitch black outside, it’s PITCH WHITE!

2012-12-01 002 2012-12-01 035

Grace:  (in complete awe)  It’s snowing in the back AND the front yard!2012-12-22 002 2012-12-22 013

(This girl is SERIOUS about her crafts and projects!)

Kaylee singing improv to fit the situation:

“You better watch out, you better not pout, listen to me and I’ll tell you why:  Papa John is coming to town.”

2012-12-22 002 2012-12-22 104

Brian:  If you could be anything that you wanted, what would you be?

Joshua:  A math teacher.  (7yr)

2012-12-22 002 2012-12-22 019

Kaylee:  BFF stands for Best Brother Forever!!!!



Neabear said...

Fun things heard around your house!


mom said...

love the thing you can share with your mommy friends....these are so cute!

carole said...

That's a great way to distinguish the real Santa from all those fake ones. :)

And I really thought his last name was Beaver! And seriously embarrassed myself because of it!


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