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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Free Hoodie gets an update

One of my friends let me look through her pile of junk that was headed to a donation pile.  This grey sweatshirt was something that I grabbed.  It had a grease spot or something on one of the pockets…no big deal.   It has been well worn by someone I love, plus it has a thick Sherpa lining and is super warm.

2012-10-24 001 2012-10-22 001

Next up:  an XL camisole that was about $.50 at a community thrift store.  I know it’s weird that I grabbed it, but I like the fabric.  I don’t think I could ever wear a used negligée….

2012-10-24 001 2012-10-22 002

I found this pair of baby velour pants that the girls outgrew.   I already used part of one leg for some other project, but there was plenty for me to use on the other side for the sweatshirt.

2012-10-24 001 2012-10-22 006


Silky ruffles

Strips of soft velour

Camisole straps as detail on the hood

2012-10-24 001 2012-10-23 004

Here it is in action!

2012-10-27 001 2012-10-27 012




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