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Friday, November 30, 2012

Things heard around my house: November 2012

Me: You’re reading Kaylee’s fairy book?

Joshua:  Well, I didn’t know…(mumble..mumble)

Me:  ok, well, what book did you pick out from the library today?

Joshua:  A “Giggle and Pig” book and a “Pinkalicous” book.

Me:  WHAT? (surprised that he picked out such easy and girly books) 

Joshua:  What?  I got them for Kaylee to read. 

Me:  (teasing) I think you like the color pink!

Joshua:  No way!

2012-11-03 001 2012-11-03 003

Joshua (describing what he learned about sharks)  “They travel in packs, but did you know that they can munch on one of their own if someone dies?”2012-11-02 001 2012-11-02 013


Brian:   Hey Joshua!  Today when I tried to get dressed, I had a problem.   My foot got stuck in the underwear and wouldn’t go through!  Guess what?   It was YOUR underwear!

 2012-11-02 001 2012-11-02 006

Grace:  Mom!  You beat me up!

Me:  huh?

Grace:  You beat me up the stairs.  (pout)


2012-11-12 001 2012-11-12 023

Me:  Did you brush your teeth?

Joshua: Yes.  It was 2 minutes of my life.

2012-11-12 001 2012-11-12 040

Joshua told the girls, “If you get scared, just let me know and I’ll give you a new hologram.”   (Overheard while the kids were playing pretend.  “Star Trek”, I guess?)

2012-11-15 001 2012-11-15 010



Neabear said...

Great pictures and your kids say the cutest things!


mom said...

happy to read much!


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