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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Closet curtains

Once upon a time, I decided to take the doors off of Kaylee's closet.

I had been keeping her clothing on one side and the laundry basket on the other.  The doors weren't ideal for her little 3 year old self.  Instead of sliding the doors over, she would walk behind them to get what she needed, but it would be dark in there and she couldn't really see well.  Little Miss K wears a dress at least 6 times a week, but this time of year a dress requires pants and a shirt underneath.   That's way too many pieces of clothing for her to accessorize, so I hang up coordinating outfits so there is a better chance of her matching.  It's not foolproof, because she still comes up with some interesting combinations!

Once the doors were down, there seemed to be so much space!   Too much space, actually.  The boxes of outgrown clothes/ next size up clothes really bothered me, but the whole thing in general was just too cluttered for my taste. 

I bought two twin sized bed sheets, just the top sheet. 
They were $4 each.
I sewed one straight line across them and hung them up. Unfortunately, they looked like sheets hanging from a shower rod ...not nearly as pretty as what I had in mind.
Cue:  my enormous bag of lace

I added three layers of thick lace along the edge which gives it a little bit of a shabby chic look. Because there is so much fabric, it hangs really nicely, almost like ruffles.   She can push the sides over to access her clothes and at night I can quickly pull it closed and smile.


Lauren said...

I love your stuff! So functional AND pretty! =)

Anonymous said...

Very Cute! Nice work Amy Jo!

Neabear said...

Lovely! Like I keep are so clever..



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