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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

“make it better than it was”


“Leave things better than when you found it” is a good way to approach life.

Well, once upon a time I found one of the bedroom doors all beat up.  The story goes that the girls locked themselves inside and were taunting Joshua.  He found a curtain rod (that had been pulled off the wall at some point) and started beating the door. 

I left the door that way for a long time in protest of the kids messing up everything in the house.  But eventually it bugged me enough to sand it down and repaint the freakin door.   It was a thankless task…totally uninspiring…. until I realized I could not only fix the door, but make it awesome.


2012-09-27 001 2012-09-05 002

My silhouette machine cut out some funky pink flowers.

2012-10-01 001 2012-09-29 004

This is not the last door that I will make AWESOME!



mom said...

making lemonade out of lemons....

Neabear said...

You are so creative! I love seeing the different things you do!



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