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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things heard around my house: october 2012

Look what I got today!  A yo-yo!  

Watch me yo. 

Do you want a turn to yo?

I’m so good at yo-ing.

-Kaylee (age 5)

2012-10-31 001 2012-10-31 007

Kaylee:  What’s 9+9?

Joshua:  Easy.  18

Kaylee:  What’s 99+99?

Joshua:  (answered immediately) 198

Kaylee:  Wow!   Well, what is 70 hundred lights + 30 hundred pictures?

Joshua: 37

Kaylee:  huh?  How do you know?

Joshua:  I just do.  Trust me.

2012-10-31 001 2012-10-31 020



mom said...

love the yo ing.....= )

Neabear said...

That last one cracked me up!



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