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Friday, May 21, 2010

my 6 month babies

Just for fun, I went through our files to find similar pictures of my kids around 6 months old. A lot of pictures were taken in the same blue high chair. Strapped in, they are pretty easy to photograph.

Below is Grace:

Below is Kaylee; she hardly ever smiled, so this is the best photo I could find.

Below is Joshua:

While I was looking through old photos, I found this one of me from about 4 years ago . It was the hair that caught my attention at first....whoa. That's long.

I stared and stared at this picture....I remember that shirt; I borrowed it from my sister. I still have that sweater in my closet and I think it's ugly; I remember that room in our first house and my old glasses. But I can hardly remember *me* back then.

What was I doing....reading the newspaper? I had time to read the newspaper? With only one baby, a small house to clean and working only 10 hours a week, I guess I did have time to read. Was I as tired as I am now? As happy? As horrified at the dirt in my house? Content, creative? I think so... Sometimes a picture ISN'T worth a thousand words, I guess.



ookamama said...

wow, your hair was long,,, and look at those babies, what a fun idea to do , go back and do the pic's. Ha, funny to look at Gracie and then Kaylee =) K was quite the serious one for awhile... not anymore though. Miss you guys. That was my shirt? I don't recognize it..hmm

Julie said...

Those pics of the kids are so cute, I love how you found them all at the same age AND in the same seat! Adorable!

Sara said...

the kids look adorable! when we have our little ones I want to do comparison shots like this too, what a fun idea :-)

I think you were happy in this photo, just being you. Happy, like you have always been as long as I've known you- happy, whatever comes your way. Here you are still you... yet, a younger self so unaware of all the blessing yet to come.

Traci Michele said...

So cute! Love your long hair!


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