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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gracie - 7 months

She's only 7 months old, but already hates hair accessories. Too bad, baby doll....your mama loves to accessorize your bald head! Deal with it...

Daddy just took 40 pictures in 60 seconds.....that is sooooo funny!

"I'm the 7th wonder of the world....according to my parents"

I made the purple rosette headband, and like it so much that I might make another in my size!

At seven months Gracie:
Can roll over onto her tummy, but gets stuck and hates it.
Can grab toys and hit things that make music.
Still nursing, although those two teeth scare mommy.
Has the softest skin I've ever felt.
Grunts if she can't reach a toy or we take away something that isn't a toy.
Wakes up once during the night.
Eats cereal, yogurt, small banana and mozzarella pieces.
Digs through a basket of toys to find the ones she likes.
Loves to hang out in the Ergo carrier with mommy or daddy.
Went to her first baseball game: Rochester Red Wings
Loves to swing on our playset and watch the family water flowers and weed.
Plays with my rings and necklaces. I've stopped wearing earring for a while.


Sara said...

Shannon said...

that is a cute change to the shirt!

Christine said...

what terrific pictures...she's so photogenic (like her mommy!).


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