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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

things heard around my house: MAY 2010

"Let's make a treat!" because they know mama loves to lick the bowl and will share.
"Grace is my favorite; I love her." -Kaylee. (I'm sure this quote will come in handy when she's older)
"I didn't do it! The clock jumped itself off the shelf!" -Joshua

At 7am: "It's time to go to the baseball game. Let's go!" -Kaylee, throwing her clothes on my face. Game started at 5pm.

"You're a good helper, mommy." -Kaylee

"Remember when we went to that baseball game and it lasted 100 hours?"- Joshua

"You look like a hockey player" Brian to me, after Kaylee headbutted me and broke/ fractured my nose.



Anonymous said...

Is your nose ok???

Marlene said...

Your poor nose! I can relate. My youngest is a headbutter, and it drives me crazy! Thank the Lord the first two weren't!

I liked the "You're a good helper, Mommy" quote! Those kids just have NO idea!


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