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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green shirt and gobs of lace

If you are local and do any kind of crafting at all, you have to go check out Craft Bits and Pieces in Fairport, NY.  I absolutely adore that little village on the Erie Canal with its gorgeous homes, cute little ice cream shops and mini farmer's market.   I always dreamed about living there, but it turns out I HATE to drive. The commute to work and everything else in life would require lots of driving time from instead I visit every once in a while.

Craft Bits and Pieces is completely donation and volunteer based, so the prices on their stuff is amazing.  Like, "the best garage sale you've ever found" amazing!  

That gallon bag of mixed lace was $.75.   I got 3 bags, not having any idea what I would use it for but knowing it was a good deal.Look at all this lace!   I'll be set for the rest of my life!!
I took a Hanes Med. shirt that I got for a dollar at the thrift store and sewed strips of lace and light green knit randomly over the front.

I pretty much hate it.  And it's insanely tight on me.  But, it was only a $1.75 investment in playing with a new idea....and I still have GOBS of lace left!

Back to the thrift store it goes!


mom said...

Cheap way to experiment!!! and play!

Sara said...

what a fun store!!


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