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Monday, March 11, 2013

“daddy will you carry me?”




“Daddy carry me?” she signed.  

Our family was trekking into a winter wonderland on campus for some photos.  We hadn’t gotten very far from our car when this request came.

His arms were full of camera equipment, and he shook his head no.   She wailed….."I want daddy to carry me!”  I ran to take the camera and the new fancy pants lenses so his arms could hold something even more precious.  As they walked ahead, I was able to snap some quick photos capturing this sweet little moment. 

She’s 5 and a half now…. How much longer she will want her daddy to carry her?   How many more times will she be able to close her eyes, throw her arms around his neck and enjoy a trek through the snow without getting her boots wet?  I don’t know….it’s one of those things that will stop happening at some point.  But on this day, on this snow covered trail, daddy picked her up and everything was right in her world. 



Little moments.

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Anonymous said...

Very precious

mom said...

That was me these pics

Neabear said...

Such sweet pictures! Reminds me of the time my daughter asked her daddy to pick her up. He told her Why, you have two strong legs. She said, my legs are all run out. Too cute



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