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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wall decorations


I found these “things” at the Re-Store downtown. They were $10 each, and I saw potential! They are super light and are generally used as ceiling medallions with a light or fan in the center hole.



I sprayed them with some white paint, loving the intricate iron-looking design.  (even though it’s some crazy plastic or foam material)

I hung them up with one thumbtack.   That's how light they are!  One measly little tack.

My step-dad added some wood detail to my bedroom accent wall a while back, and I've wanted to complete the look by adding something to the top third of the wall.   I've tried different sized frames, pictures of the kids, wedding pictures of my grandparents. But because this wall is directly across from the bed, I felt like my family was watching me as I went to sleep....and did other things in bed. ;)



I found three circle mirrors for $.99 each at Joann's and hotglued them into the centers of each medallion.



Total: $33 for some art work that I am crazy about (and that could work in other rooms of my house when I get the itch to re-arrange)



Christine said...

They look amazing on the wall! Perfect!

Ronda said...

Oh my gosh, I couldn't figure out where you were going with this then I saw the finished result and I LOVE IT! Wow. I need you to come do some of your magic at my house!

Sara said...

looks great! so vintage and lovely- perfect for an "across the bed" wall

mom said...



Made by Brian Trager