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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It fits now!

You know I love thrift stores, right?   Spray paint, ruffles and thrift stores are separate, yet equally exciting entities.

Once upon a time, I  had 15 min to kill before a manicure-pedicure appointment. My neighbor took all 3 of my kids  so I could have a little time to myself.  (Totally awesome set up: we take turns almost every week, which the kids like just as much as she and I do!)   I could have sat in my car and listened to the silence for 15 minutes, but I decided to stop at a huge "antique/ full of junk and clothes" shop near my house.   (Nancy's Barn)   They have really strange hours, so I had been there only one other time, 10 years ago.

I could not believe the amount of clothing, mostly vintage.   Racks and racks and racks of stinky, old clothes!  The owner told me that she goes to estate sales and buys out whatever is left.   What a fun, fun job!

I picked out a skirt with pretty flower print for $5. But when I got it home, I realized it was 2 sizes too small for me.   I'm not sure how I missed that.....    Instead of putting it in pile for when I lose some weight, or donating it or passing it along to a friend, I decided to cut off the waistband and add elastic. It had a zipper, but I just kinda ignored it and sewed right over it.    Now it'll fit! 

$5 for the skirt (JC Penny label)
$3 for the sweater (Target label)

$8 = cute summer outfit for work.



Sara said...

looks beautiful! i love the colors and that length looks awesome with those wedges xoxo

Traci Michele said...

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaweeeet DEAL!

Love you,


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