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Friday, January 21, 2011

$4 sweater upgraded

I love shopping at thrift stores.  I love the hunt of finding something really good amidst all the junk.  There are now 4 thrift stores within 3 miles of my house.   Weird, right?   It must be a good business endeavor in this economy. 

I found a black zip up cardigan by Calvin Klein.   It was my size, it was $4, and any good sign language interpreter will always grab a dark, solid colored sweater.

The first time I put it on, I realized why the poor thing had ended up in the thrift store:  the zipper pull had broken off.   It was annoying, but still wearable.

I rummaged through my jewelry thingys and found a couple of things to add.  It took 2 minutes, and makes such a difference.


While I had the sweater in my shop basement for repairs, I decided to take it in on the sides a little to follow the curves of my waist better.  I did an awesome job on one side, and a really lousy job on the other….oh well.    Taking it in on the sides gave me some extra sweater fabric to work with, so I made 3 rolled flowers and hot glued them to the sweater.   A few silver beads in the middle and now I have a really fun $4, interpreting friendly sweater… that hangs just a little weird on one side.   Smile



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mom said...

You are sooooooooo awesome!!!!! beautiful!!!!!


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