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Monday, October 3, 2011

Taboo coffee mug



Brian:  Oh!  I see you got another travel mug.  That’s good, cuz we needed more.

Amy Jo:  I know!  I got that one for $1 at a garage sale.

Brian:  What?  Why did you do that?  That’s like “taboo”.  That’s the one thing you DON’T buy at garage sales!  You don’t know what they used that for!

Amy Jo:  Probably coffee.  They looked like a normal family.  Plus, I already put it through the dishwasher.

Brian:  Well, I’m never going to use that.

Amy Jo:  Great! I’m going to put a pink label on it and it’ll be for me.


I’ve washed and microwaved it many times with that vinyl label on it, and it’s holding up great so far.

So,  I’m curious….would you have snagged this mug for $1 too, or do you think that’s really gross and “taboo”?  (please be nice, even if you agree with Brian!)




Ronda said...

My sister once bought a set of silverware at a garage sale and her hubby was NOT happy! Must be a guy thing. I figure if it goes through the dish washer, it's OK with me. Does Brian think they used it for urine samples? ha ha.

mom said...

yeah.....what does he think it had been used for???? ha ha ha

great find and like your coffee label

adele said...

If it was a china mug yes, but not that material.


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