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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Permanent fix



I love dark wash jeans.

I like Rider jeans, and I think this is the pair I just bought. (Slender Stretch Tiffany Bootcut Jean – EbonyRider )  They are supposed to hold the shape, tummy control, and are approved by Stacey London, of “What not to wear.”  

I grabbed some off the shelf at W-mart and was mostly happy when I tried them on at home.  They are about 4 inches too long, but that can be fixed easy.  And they had gold “accents” on the rear. 

That will not do.  I don’t want to call any attention to that area.  Thankyouverymuch.

I got out a Sharpie permanent black marker and started coloring.   The detail is still there, but now it is much more subtle.   Quick fashion fix.  I hope Stacey would approve…Somehow, I don’t really see her coloring on clothes, or buying from W-world either, LOL.  Oh well.



Neabear said...

It works! That is what counts. Good idea actually to use the sharpie if it works.


mom said...

omygosh you are soooooooooo very funny.....


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