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Friday, September 30, 2011

Things heard around my house: sept 2011


“Mama’s home!”

“Mama’s out shower!”

“Kaylee shut door!”

“Joshua naughty!”

-Gracie has a knack for stating the obvious…very loudly.

“Gracie reminds me so much of you at that age!”, my mom said. “We used to call you The Reporter because you always knew and reported on what people were doing.”


“I’m always wrong.”   Joshua said.   

The context had something to do with trying new food and is a direct quote-I swear!


When I grow up, I want to go to work like you and daddy!  I want to do all the grown up things, just like you.   And when I’m grown up, I’ll wipe my butt myself!

-Kaylee (4 yr)


Joshua:  How was your first day at pre-school Kaylee?

Kaylee:  Good.

Me:  We met her new teacher today, and she’s very nice.

Joshua:  What does she look like?

Me:  She has long brown hair.

Joshua:  No, I mean what color skin does she have?

Kaylee:  The same color as me and as our whole family!

Interesting to see identifiers the kids use.


Brian:  I heard a CRAZY rumor today!

Me:  oh? 

Brian: Don’t you want to know the CRAZY rumor?

Me:  Sure.  (I have a pretty good idea the direction this conversation is going….)

Brian:  They may put Windows 8 on our phone.   Isn’t that crazy?

Me:   I nod, uncommitted, because I’m not quite sure if it’s crazy GOOD or crazy BAD.

Brian: Don’t you remember what happened when they tried to put Windows 7 something lada dadad  ba?

I just keep eye gaze and nod, knowing that was a rhetorical question, lol.  Poor guy married way out of his technology level.


“Bees are not nocturnal.  They’re just turnal.” Joshua explained to Julie, the babysitter.   A couple seconds later he turned to her and said, “Wait!  I don’t even know what that means!”


“They sure are having fun!  I don’t know if I’ve ever had that much fun grocery shopping.”  an old lady commented as my girls giggled, tickled, screeched and laughed their way through the store with me.  


Grace:  “Mama, I horny.”

Me:  hmmmm.   Are you hungry?

Grace:  No.  I horny.

Me:  ummmm.  Are you happy?

Grace:  No.  I horny.

Me:  You are horny?

Grace:  Yes.  (and she walked out of the room)



Christine said...

Oh Gracie!!! That's hilarious!

Neabear said...

Such crazy comments around your place. Joshua's nocturnal one cracked me up!


mom said...

Can they get any cuter???? love you all so much!!!

Sara said...

wow!! they're hilarious!! by far this post is always my favorite part of the month! :-)


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