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Thursday, September 29, 2011

putt putt's decorating ideas

Who do you think designs the layout for miniature golf places?  Is that a career choice? Landscape artist?

So... I kinda hate playing putt putt. But the rest of my family really likes it.  Sometimes I don't even play or get my own club.  Chase down kids, chase down balls.   That's kinda how it goes.  The place near our house is strangely fascinating to me.   It has some really  neat elements, and some really odd things too. 
See the waterfall?   Nice focal point.....but the water is blue.
Like, REALLY, REALLY BLUE.  Freaky blue.

The flower border is pretty sweet with the "waterfall" effect down the sides.   Lighthouse is super cute.  I wonder if it lights up at night....
And this little stepping stone area?   What the??? Random slabs of cement.  Random stones in the cement.  I hate it.   
 I'm crazy about this tree and it's flowery tree skirt.  AWESOME.  Magazine worthy.   I totally want to copy that.


Giraffee? um..ok.  Weird.  Huge. Creepy eyes.


But this is what it's really about...time together.



Neabear said...

Putt putt can be fun...but more fun when doing it with family and friends. Especially little ones, even though that can be very tiring. I don't know what is up with the blue water!


mom said...

big smile....there will be lots of things like do it for the kids, the family, the laughs and love...not necessarily for thee "event"


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