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Monday, January 24, 2011

To belt or not to belt

I got a lot of compliments today on the outfit I wore to work….at least 6.  I love working with so many women!  Right before I changed into my pj’s, I asked Brian to take some photos so I can figure out what I did right today.  Smile


I wore the belt all day because “What not to wear” told me to emphasize the smallest part of my waist.  That show is good for me.   I love that they say that it’s possible for everyone to find clothes that fit well and look great.   I love that they look for unique pieces and feminine detailing on clothing.



Looking at the pictures, I definitely like the no-belt version better.  Maybe people were complimenting the bright colors on a dreary winter day…


How in the WORLD did I make it this far in life without a pair of tall black boots?   I wear them almost everyday….


Personally, I think the belt just emphasizes what’s below it, which I’ve NEVER EVER wanted to do!  (except for those wonderful pregnancy months where I loved showing off a baby bump)

Any thoughts from fashion lovers? 



Anonymous said...

I am for the no belt option.

Sara said...

you are so pretty no matter what you wear! i am a big fan of belts...they bring in the waist and make an hour glass shape. maybe you would like a very very thin belt with this better since you have the stripe in the skirt- just a thought!! I do love the bright colors on a winter day and yahoo for boots, I am glad you found a pair you like!

ookamama said...

Very nice,,, I like the no- belt version. An Im definelt not a " fashin lover" I know nothing as you know,..BUT you do look great and boots look awesome. =) nice work ame.

Anonymous said...

I really know nothing about fashion, but...

I prefer no belt. Because it's a shaped shirt you have that waist definition even without it. And I think it sort of shortens your torso to cut the red in two blocks with the belt, whereas the shirt alone lengthens the torso. No idea how tall you are though - if you're a giraffe then maybe shortening is good! If it was me I'd go with no belt. Mind you I don't get on well with belts in any case - they ride up when I move about and dig in. I know that shows like WNTW always seem to add a belt though, so maybe go with what they say, not what I say :)


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