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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kaylee’s bed




Brian got an air compressor for Christmas this year and his first project was to make a bed for Kaylee.   How sweet, right? 


He had help from a good friend in building it and I did the painting.

The headboard and footboard look like something from the Pottery Barn- a simple, classic design.  This thing is sturdy and built to last.



Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

THIS is amazing... can I put my order in now for 2 of them oh and I can get that intial thing above the head board. Yup thats it... just tell me the cost :) HEHEHEHEHE

Christine said...

Excellent work! It looks so beautiful...

Sara said...

So cute!! Kaylee has the best room :-) I love the "gutter bookshelves", the letters, and her new beautiful bed


Made by Brian Trager