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Thursday, June 30, 2011

things heard around my house: June 2011


“Kaylee hit my head!”  (Grace can talk well enough to get her siblings in trouble.)
"Do you want to come see my bedroom?  It's ADORABLE!!!", 
Kaylee told one of my friends.
“There’s nothing better than this!”  Joshua proclaimed about having quiet time outside under a shade tree with a stack of books.   I totally agree!
“Having kids changes everything.”   I said after a quick dinner out to celebrate our first kiss eleven years ago.    I was hoping to walk along the  beach and kiss, but we ran out of time and got the kids into bed instead.IMG_8910
"NO! I amN'T" Kaylee is still figuring out when she can use contractions in our crazy English language.
Let’s play “You’re the mommy and I’m the honey.”   Kaylee says as an invite to play.

Sweet K picks flowers for mommy every single day
I’m a gardener.  - Kaylee
“Here, mommy!  I picked a flower for you!”  (Good thing I think weeds are just as pretty as flowers!)
Where’s your nose?
"Mama pretty." Grace said as I pulled on a dress for work.
“Can you believe it’s been 10 years?” ( at Watkin’s Glenn State Park)
“That was really fun.”  Brian said after driving our Ford Fusion around Watkin Glen race track 3 times.


Ronda said...

I swear your family gets more beautiful by the minute!

Sara said...

happy 10 years!! every month I love reading about all the funny, beautiful, thoughtful things heard about your house. (and kaylee is right- her room is adorable!!)


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