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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mini treats

One of my girlfriend is getting married this fall. If you want to read all about her plans for an AMAZING wedding, check out her blog: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage.

I was in charge of desserts for the shower...shocker, I know. Cupcakes are so popular right now, but personally I think they are a little awkward to eat. Sometimes they are top heavy, it’s hard to get the yummy icing in every bite. And really, the icing is what’s important.

I decided on mini cupcakes as the perfect little finger food treat. The cake is just from a box, although I substituted applesauce for oil. The applesauce hardly changes the taste, but it saves on calories so I used butter cream frosting. Gotta balance out the calories and fat, you know.

One cake box makes 75 minis and I wanted vanilla and chocolate. I enlisted a friend to help me frost 150 mini cupcakes while I made 60 mini cheesecakes. Let’s just say there were loads left over and my kids were delighted that I came home with some to share.

I absolutely adore the petiteness of these little cuties. I’ll definitely be making these again for parties.

Do you make your own frosting or use tubs? To be honest, I have a couple tubs in my pantry for “emergency frostings”, but homemade butter cream frosting is super easy to make and the taste is worth the extra 5 minutes!

2 pounds of confectionery sugar

2 sticks of butter

1/2 cup of milk

1 or 2 Tbs of vanilla.

Yes, I know that’s like 4 pounds of frosting. Even worse, we ran out and I had to borrow 2 sticks of butter from my neighbor to make 4 MORE POUNDS OF BUTTER CREAM. I'm not going to be stepping on my scale anytime soon!



Lisa said...

Yum! I am still wishing you lived next door to me. I could benefit so much! ;-)

Christine said...

Those cupcakes were delicious and cute...and dangerous because they were small and irresistible!

Terese Main said...

I saw a trick for eating cupcakes on "Cake Boss." You remove the bottom, flip it over, and place it over the frosting, making a cupcake sandwich. No messy fingers and frosting in every bite. :)


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