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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shower curtain and hoodies

This red hoodie wasn't getting much was a size too big and I'm not a huge hoodie person.   I took a couple inches off the sides and arms which made a big difference it how it fits me.  (I'm pretty excited that I didn't screw this part up! LOL)  I found some beautiful red fabric for $3 at Craft Bits and Pieces, my favorite junk store and sewed a lining for the hood. 

Hello.  Awesome. Hoodie.
From the front, only a little tiny bit of the awesomeness can be seen.

Next up:  ablank white tee is like a blank canvas

$2 white tee from Target (clearance)
Lacy hower curtain from mom
I cut out a hunk of lace from the shower curtain, then sprayed it with spray adhesive.   This helped it stick to my shirt so I didn't have to use a million pins.  I sewed around the edges and in random places in the middle.  It looks....uh.... pretty good!  (If I can say so myself?)  

Way more interesting than when I found it at Target, and a pretty good layering piece for my sweaters.  I know this shirt is destined for a stain sooner than later, so I plan to dye it a fun color when that happens.

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Christine said...

Those are awesome! I love both of them...

Neabear said...

You are so good at redoing things. Love the lacy T-shirt. And what a clever thing to do with the hoodie. Love how it turned out!


Sara said...

this is AMAZING!! I adore that hoodie!! When you open your own clothing line can I get a discount? ;-)


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