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Friday, December 23, 2011

“I’m married”

Kaylee’s pre-school put on a Christmas play, that was insanely well attended and documented.   I bet least 30 people have a full recording of the 10 minute performance. 


Kaylee got the part that every girl wants:  Mary, the mother of Jesus.   But she totally doesn’t get it.  

She told everyone that she was ‘married’.   If you ask (as everyone does)  “Are you playing the part of Mary?”   she’ll enunciate very slowly, “No.  I said I’m MARRIED. Not Mary.”


Joseph, Married, and a shepherd.



Ronda said...


mom said...

These babes make my heart so happy
love it so much

Sara said...

she looks gorgeous- that last picture of her.... wow! She's the most beautiful Married I've ever seen.


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