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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa 2011

One of the first interpreters I ever met was "Santa".  If you've worked at RIT or attended school there in the past 25 years, I bet you've seen him around.   It's pretty easy to spot this jolly old fellow amidst a sea of college students.

We take the kids for pictures with Santa every year, even though it's something I feel a little funny about.  (Santa was practically like the devil, when I was growing up.)   I love that Santa signs, that he knows Brian and I and now our kids too.

"I think I saw Santa's bedroom."  Kaylee whispered and pointed down the hall.    LOL

My little guy was skeptical, nervous and blown away all within a span of a few minutes.   At 6 years old, he's *pretty* sure that Santa is just a fun story....  It must be confusing to be a kid at Christmas time.
God Gave Us Christmas

Last night we opened up one of the Christmas book presents, and read "God Gave us Christmas".    It's a very sweet book with amazing pictures.  I appreciate that it mentions Santa in passing, but emphasises all that God has given us, including Jesus as the best present of all.  I want my kids to hear all the different stories there are at this fun time of year. 
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Neabear said...

How cool to meet a signing Santa! Love the picture of the kids with Santa! You have such cute kids.


Ronda said...

We have the same book. One of our favorites.


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