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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s December first!!!!

And I am ready!  (Or as ready as I’ll ever be)


Last week I wrapped up all of our Christmas books.  It took $1.50 in wrapping paper and about 40 minutes of my time while I watched something on TV.   I keep the basket WAAAAAAY up high on a bookshelf, and each night this month, the kids will take turns picking out a book, unwrapping it and then reading it together.   I love this tradition!

Our Elf, Martin, arrived today for the first time from the North Pole.  The kids kept checking to see if he had moved from his spot on the mantle.   This is a new tradition, and I hope to God that I can remember to move the dude to a new spot each night!

Our tree is up.

A batch of Christmas cookies has been baked. (triple recipe)  

Christmas lights have been strung on the porch.

It’s December first…..  BRING IT!  I’M READY!




Sara said...

this is SO fun!! I found a great pin on pinterest with ideas for places to hide the elf shelf... it's a super cute tradition but the books are my favorite of all!!

Heather said...

i love the idea of wrapping books to read every night.


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