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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reducing our landfills, one car load at a time...

I saw this mini picnic table on the side of the road on garbage day. I threw it in the back of my car and gave it a new home. I had been searching on-line a mere 18 hours earlier for "wooden children's table". I couldn't believe it! What great timing...thanks God!

I really wanted to avoid those plastic picnic tables that are found in every store these days. There is something classic about wood that appeals to me. I admit it needs someone to give it serious love and attention. And I'm just the person! I love to scrape old paint off. I don't love to sand, but I will sand that wood until it's smooth like butter so it won't give my babies splinters. Then I'll paint it something really cool.

Lately, I've been more conscious and careful about buying and using plastic items. I recycle and reuse everything I can think of. My recycle bin was overflowing every week, so I requested a second one so I can recycle as much as possible. I'm not an extreme environmentalist, and I'm not "crunchy" as its called. Just trying to do a little bit here and there. I'm so happy that I was able to rescue this piece of furniture. Just imagine, it almost got picked up by the garbage truck and would have been sitting on top of a landfill somewhere, left to rot away. Instead, it will be loved and used for a bit longer. And it was FREE!

Do you pick up stuff off the side of the road (or am I the only one)? And if so, what was your best find?


1 comment:

mom said...

What a great find Amy Jo. I love it. I am all for roadside treasures.
love, mom


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