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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trunk: Before and After

I love trunks. I love rocking chairs too and don't think I'll ever get to the point of saying, "Enough! No more!" I've got 3 of each in my house. B., however, has expressed his desire for that to be enough. Lucky for me and him, I'm crafty enough to change things up a bit every now and then which satisfies us both.

I got this trunk when we were dating, in 2001. It sat around, looking all dumpy in dad's garage for many years. I had good intentions and spurts of attention was given to this trunk. The summer of 2005 Brian gave a strong suggestion that I get it finished before our first baby was born. That light a fire under me and I actually completed it just in time.

*I ripped off the exterior canvas that covered up the wood
*Sanded and stained the wood
*Painted all the hardware
*Stripped the inside of wall paper
*Made a 3" patchwork lining, with batting and a backing (basically a quilt)
* Used a nail gun and about 200 nails to keep the quilt in place.
**This is the perfectionist way of doing it; aka: the pre-children method.

I LOVED it! But alas, it doesn't match my new house.

I ripped that quilt/ lining out of there. Then spent a couple HOURS pulling those 200 nails out. My im-perfectionist way of re-doing it required only my hot glue gun and my fabulous new blue and cream fabric. (yes, I love this fabric. I hope I'm not over using it. If I am, please don't tell me)

This is the AFTER photo. (Sorry the photo is all was a sunny day! )

I also love this! And I love that it only took me a few hours to change it up. We use it for toy storage in the living room.

My dear friend's husband hates toy boxes and has declared their home will never have one. He says it becomes a place for the unloved toys and missing pieces to fester at the bottom. I totally blew him off, thinking "Glad he's not my husband because we'd have a PROBLEM! Love my trunks!" Phew... glad I thought that instead of saying something out loud! I admit that I had to spend at least an hour sorting pieces and de-festering the bottom of this trunk before I even started my project. But it's still a keeper; I love throwing toys in there.


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E and T said...

Hi Amy

I have come across your blog via a comment you left on the blog titled Serendipity.

I love the way you have made the trunk such a versatile piece of functional furniture.


Made by Brian Trager