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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look! I've got heels!

Ten years ago I had a shoe thing going on. Of course I was in college, so they were all from Payless or clearance finds. Over the years, I just stopped buying shoes. First a house, then kids started taking over the shopping list and next thing you know I'm wearing sneakers to church on Easter.

It's sad but true. I bought a new black and white dress. Really cute, although large enough to wear as a maternity dress. I seem to be stuck that style. I bought stockings. I didn't have any decent shoes. Easter morning rolls around and I'm feeling good wearing a *DRESS* ! I looked around for some shoes in my closet. I looked near the door. Nothing! I looked some more...... In the end I had to resort to my black Sketchers. Brian says they aren't exactly sneakers, but they sure aren't dress shoes either. Fair to say I was embarrassed enough to check out the shoes at Target yesterday. I found these cute shoes and bought them. $24.99. They are so cute!

What I neglected to mention earlier is that I've never worn pointy high heeled shoes. I've done the clunky, chunky heel, but over the years those Payless shoes made their way into the trash.
I've done some thinking about shoes, trying to figure out why I would even look at heeled shoes, let alone purchase a pair. The only thing I can come up with is that I am exposed to some serious fashion at work. There are 4 girls in particular who have AMAZING shoes. Attention-getting shoes. They are pieces of art. But, none of these ladies are mommies who pick up heavy babies. For some reason, that is an important distinction to me.

Monday was my big debut with the heels and the Easter dress in combination. Within seconds of walking into work, S and S both noticed and complimented my outfit. I was floating on air--well, actually about an inch off the ground. This is why we have girlfriends! To encourage and affirm and promote fashion!

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Sara said...

It is a very important distinction that you have lil ones asking "Up!"... don't let my shoes fool you- they are pre-baby for sure! However, I do feel that a simple black heel is something no woman's closet should go without. Good for you to get them bc they are great and look even better on you! *hugs*


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