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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I know this is a crazy photo, but let me explain....

If you've ever talked to me or read a portion of my blog, you know that I LOVE my new house. Everything except the garage doors. Instead of one big garage door, we have two 8ft garage doors. The problem is this: my car is 7 feet, 8 inches across. That leaves me with a mere 2 inches clearance on each side. This is very challenging, even for someone who has been driving for thirteen years. I scrape it at least once a week and those little black marks give me away every time.

Once it took me 7 attempts to back out successfully. (and I do consider a little scraping to be successful. Unsuccessful would be knocking the whole mirror off) Joshua knows that I struggle with this garage door. If I back up more than once he'll ask, "Are you stuck mom?". No baby...I'm gonna try to back out one more time. When we make it out I can count on him exclaiming, "You made it mom!!!!!" He's such a good little encourager.

Brian scraped it the other day while I was in the passenger seat. I was so relieved. I laughed for a long time. I might have even said something like "HA! It's not so easy, is it?" I hope that will curb his little speeches about "just go slow and watch the mirrors". Because, it really isn't that easy.



Lisa said...


I totally have this same problem!

I am amazed that I have not taken a mirror off yet. It is just a matter of time...

Marlene said...

HAHAHA! I have to say . . .

I had a friend who was boarding with us several years ago. Around that time, I had two seizures (for reasons still unknown) and was thus banned from driving for a full year. Anyway, he volunteered to take me to work in the mornings, driving my car. For someone to sit in the passenger side, the driver needs to back the car out of the garage, and like yourself, there are only a couple of inches to spare on each side of the mirrors.

One day, I was standing and waiting for him to back out, and he forgot that he had to be careful! The mirror was dangling off the side of the van! I got a pair of clippers and chopped it off. Didn't know what else to do! Fortunately, my husband was able to fix it, after some painstaking work.

And yes, I scrape a lot. Even after living here for 8 years, I STILL scrape the trim every once in a while! It's weakening, and I'm afraid it's going to crack one of these days.

I feel your pain. I think the reason that there are two doors rather than one is that our bedroom is above the garage, and the post in the middle gives a bit of extra support. I think. . .


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