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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My first auction

I found this pretty little rocker at an outdoor auction way out in the country.   It didn’t look this good;  it was covered in cobwebs and dirt and a couple of nasty fabric seat covers.

But, it was ONE DOLLAR.  I couldn’t believe it either! 

The handsome cowboy auctioneer asked if any one wanted a chair for $1 each and I timidly raised my little paper, #59.   My first auction purchase.   My newest addiction/ hobby.



This was the seat cover I saw when I bought it.   It’s needlepoint and may be salvageable after a thourough washing into a pillow or something.



I was surprised to find this nasty fabric underneath the needlepoint cover.  Bleech.


The seat cushion had seen better days too, so I got rid of that too.


I happened to have a seat cushion left over from some other something-something.  Good grief, it’s a wonder I hold onto so many things that actually become useful later on.



Little Miss Peanut can’t understand why I would want a picture without her in it.



The fabric is something I bought at another estate sale for 20 cents.



mom said...

WOW so pretty......ha the chair is nice too!....really love that Joshua wanted to buy the shirt at a garage sale!....can't wait to see the stuff you got last week at the estate sale!.....xoxo
Clever clever you are!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing the stuff that you do!

D said...

So what made you decide to begin going to auctions?

Amy Jo said...

Hi "D"! I'm not able to reply to your comment, but maybe you'll see this...

I get e-mails from that tell me about upcoming sales in my area. Most of them are estate sales, but once in a while an auction pops up. I decided to go to this one because it was located at a mansion in Caledonia that was selling off all the props they had used for a haunted house. Really cool junk! I won the bids on a few fun junky things, and learned a lot about how auctions work at the same time. It was very time consuming however; it started at 5pm and was still going strong when I left at 9pm. When I go to an estate sale, I'm usually in and out in 30 minutes, I grab what I like and pay the price that it's marked. At the auction, I spent a lot of time waiting around (and talking to other people) until an item I was interested in was up. And then sometimes the price went up, up, up or down, down, down depending on the interest level. Unpredictable, and fun experience for me!

D said...

Thanks, Amy Jo. I did indeed see it. Very interesting. I've always thought about it (an auction) but have never done it.

Here's an idea for an upcoming post: how do you keep the flow of incoming stuff and the results of your projects from overwhelming your home and making it look like a warehouse?

Just a thought - keep up the good work!

Amy Jo said...

That is a fabulous question about how to balance new fun acquisitions into my home without turning into a hoarder. I don't know the answer, but I'll need to find the answer pretty soon. Brian has suggested that I re-sell stuff on Craigs List or maybe consign someplace. For example, this little rocking chair is super cute and looks good in my house, but I had to remove another chair to make a spot. The other chair is a better fit for the spot, but the new chair is cuter. At some point, I'll probably switch them out again. Who knows....

Who are you, D? Maybe we can catch an auction together. That same mansion in Caledonia plans to have an indoor auction this fall sometime.

D said...

Maybe you could auction off some of your extras, huh? Of course, that is what Ebay is for, I guess.

Anyway, I sort of stumbled on to your site awhile back, have enjoyed many of the posts, and just thought I'd say something to let you know you have a few fans out here!


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