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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things heard around my house: August 2010

“Don’t fork her! Don’t fork the baby!”  me to J and K 



Me: I don’t feel very good right now
Joshua: Maybe it’s because there’s a 4th baby on its way
Me: uh. no. That’s not it.
Joshua: Well, Uncle Darrin has 4 kids.
Me: Yes he does.
Joshua: and Uncle Mike has 4 kids.
Me: Yes he does. I have 3.


“I can’t remember the last time I sat this close to you or had this much dirt down my shirt.” Me, after go-carting around my in-laws house the day after it rained.

“This is so much fun!!!!!” Kaylee, playing dress up.

"Gracie is a girl AND a boy because she has blue eyes and a vagina" Joshua told Grammy, to my absolute horror. We'll need to discuss gender and genetics in more detail, apparently.

"You might have a master's degree, but I'm the one who can find the grape jelly." Me to Brian.

"A cousin is someone who lives far away."  Joshua.   (Poor kid has 13 fabulous cousins, all in different states:  TX, WISC, NC, MO)

"If Gracie bites your "oobs" again, you should give her a bottle"  Joshua
In a whisper, "I just saw Kaylee's "oobs"!"  Joshua

I haven't corrected him yet because:
1) It's hilarious and I want to hear him say it again. 
2) I don't really like the words boobs, breast, or nipples and I'm not sure what to tell him



Lindsey said...

oh they are all so funny!!!!!!!!!! for real you need to publish a book called "things heard round the house" --- can relate to sooooooooo many of them!

M talks about "baginas and nipples in our house". S has a a couple more degress than I have but doesn't know where we keep tape (or stamps, or extra baby wipes...!!) And I think I've said the "don't fork the baby" too!!! HAHAHA!!!

carole said...

These are great!!!
I love the "oobs" and the masters degree versus grape jelly and am glad that you had fun squished in next to your man. Savor those memories!

Ronda said...

For a while Tia called her nipples her 'ankles'. I couldn't help but crack up so she figured she got it wrong and I had to tell her the real word.
These all had me cracking up. BTW, D.R. also has a Masters degree but can't find ANYTHING around the house!

Amy Jo @ The Little Moments said...

I would love to publish a mini book of "things heard around my house" through Kodak or Shutterfly once I have a year's worth or so. I think we'll get a kick out of them for a long time to come. :)

Sara said...

so ADORABLE!! I want to buy this book *and* make one of my own one day :-)

Shannon said...

I love the idea of the book!! I can help you with it if you want to use storybook software:)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

HI-larious, Amy! I'm particularly fond of the "don't fork the baby" comment, making nouns into verbs that don't exist is always so cute!

My son used to mix ASL expression with spoken English so when he said "delicious!" he'd frown (you know the ASL expression for "very") - it was so funny for both cultures!

enjoy collecting your cute stories and creating your book - I'll look forward to more :-)


Christine said...

I vote yes for doing a book!

The Prescott's said...

so funny!

mom said...

definetely write the book!!!!
I can recall a few more ......=)
always love reading your blog sweetheart!

Marlene said...

Err . . . boobies, maybe?


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