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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Closet Love

I'm all for re-using oatmeal boxes and pretzel canisters, but sometimes it's best to dish out some cold cash for awesome (40% off) baskets from Michaels.

While my mom was in town, she helped me tackle my pantry/ toy closet.   I wish I had a before picture, but hopefully you can imagine how awful a closet like this can get.   She helped me toss some things, since I really love to hang onto stuff.  We moved some kitchen/ party supplies to another area and then threw things into beautiful ribbon baskets.    Labels help me and the kids remember where to put things back.  

I am in love with this little 4 foot square spot in my home.  Now, 1878 sq. feet left to tackle.


Ronda said...

OK, I'd love to do this but I have to ask, where the heck do you keep all the food!?

Amy Jo @ The Little Moments said...

I keep the food in my kitchen cupboards, for the most part. The bottom shelf of the pantry is food overflow and for things I buy in bulk.
It never crossed my mind to use that space for food! Where the heck do you keep all your kids games, puzzles and crafts? :)

Ronda said...

Hmmm, games are stuffed in the cupboard above the washing machine. I have to keep them high or we'll never have all the pieces in one place. Puzzles are few and far between here because Gia likes to leave them everywhere! I like your idea, and I'm looking to get more organized!


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