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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sandra's Baby

Have you been keeping up with Sandra Bullock lately? She's one of my favorite actress ever. I like the roles she takes, and she gives really great interviews. "People" magazine is basically my only source of information, thanks to a co-worker (Lindsey, maybe?) who brings them into work.

Glimpsing the headlines over the past 6 months, I've been disgusted with the guy she married. Seriously, who would cheat on her? She's gorgeous, successful and wonderful. What a selfish, inconsiderate man... but then that describes a lot of men, doesn't it?

source photo

This week, someone brought in May's "Special Double Issue" of People. I'm three months behind, apparently.

Once again, Sandra is on the front, but this time she is beaming with a beautiful infant boy in her arms. I picked the issue up on my break and quickly scanned till I reached the article. Soon I had tears running down my face as I read about the most amazing secret that she's been keeping while dealing with her husbands infidelity.

In the interview, she talks about the end of one love, the start of a new life and the "little man" who changed everything. "He is just perfect."

I can not fathom the pain of going through a divorce, but I have felt the amazing and overwhelming love for a baby. And I wonder at her experiencing both extremes at the same time.

Here are some quotes from the lengthy interview that I really liked. Even though she's worth millions and owns like 5 mansions, I connected to her through this article...we're both mothers.

"Even though life now is not what I expected or dreamed of, I have experienced things this past month that I never knew existed."

"I have been surprised by the fact that I really only need three hours of sleep."

"It's astounding to watch a human being grow right before your eyes"

"My dreams for Louis are that he sees life's sorrows doesn't eliminate the great joys."



SeEk-7-FaItH said...

I agree with you she's a great person and oh yah was disgusted what Jesse did too. However, she's one of my favorite actress beside Julia Roberts! I will have to check out that article. Thanks for updating me with that, had no idea about the secret adoption. What a great news! :)

Sara said...

love her! I agree, I couldn't fathom those two extremes at the same time, it takes a special strength and love...luckily that is just the two things Mothers have an abundance of.

p.s- Tanya is the 'People' supplier lately :-)


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