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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Girl Towels

The time has come for Kaylee to pass down her toddler size towels to Gracie and get a couple of big girl (full size) towels. I bought 2 towels and one hand towel from my favorite store to hate. They are by Better Homes and Gardens, and they are really awesome towels.

I cut the hand towel in half, and sewed it to become the hood. A half yard of fun fabric edges the banded parts of the towel, and I had just barely enough fabric left over to make some cute flowers and hearts for the back of each towel. This fabric made my eyes go a little crazy...felt like I was looking at a bubble breaker game screen, or those awful candy "dots" that were sold on strips of paper. But I think it's a cute print in small doses.

She is thrilled with her very own towels!
2 Towels: $16
1 hand towel: $6
1/2 yard of fabric: $2
Total: $24 for 2 hooded towels.
The ones I saw on Etsy were $32 each. So, I saved $40 by making them myself!



Sara said...

sooo cute! she looks like a princess and a boxer at the same time lol

Christine said...

That is so cool..Kaylee is such a cutie-pie!


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