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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kaylee is 3 years old! (and a week)

How can it be that my sweet, independent little girl turned 3!  

Happy Birthday!  I love you babydoll!!!!




I left you alone with the goldfish box and you filled up every bowl you could get your hands on!


Such a pretty, pouty face!


Eating s’mores outside


Your hair is getting so long!


You spend lots of time coloring and painting.

*At your birthday party, you tried on every outfit that you were given right away with lots of exclamations of appreciation.

*You dress yourself, but often put your shirts, underwear and shorts on backwards. Shoes usually go on the wrong feet too.  If it's ok with you, it's ok with me!

*You like to lock doors. If I step out to get the mail, you lock the door and then peek out the side window to watch me. A few times you turned out the lights, and locked the bedroom door with Joshua inside. He screamed, you smirked in the hallway. (you got in trouble for that move)

*You love your pacifier and have to leave it on the "magic plate" unless it's nap or bedtime.

*When you are excited, your voice gets really pitchy and squeaky.

*You help me put on makeup and get dressed every day. "This is so pretty, mama.  I want to wear a bra too!"

*You are just starting to get into pretending with dress up clothes and making food and snacks.


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