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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Compassion International

I've sponsored a child through Compassion International for over 10 years. Brian's never asked me to consider removing it from our budget, which I appreciate, but he's also never shown any interest in my "child". It's my thing, which is fine. I try not to think too much, because it bothers me that I live in such wealth when these kids live with nothing. It's easier to let the money be withdrawn from my account and mail off stickers once a month to the child.

Someone at work, a mommy that I respect, asked me what age it's appropriate to begin exposing your children to other's needs and suffering. Like I would know! I got her to talk through it which helped me to think about ways to start exposing my own kids to the reality of this world.

The first step I've taken was to include Joshua when I wrote to Steven. We read Steven's letter to us, looked at his photograph and talked about how far away he lives. Joshua drew him a picture, and that's about it. Steven is 7, with a hearing impairment. Joshua is 4, and I'm hoping that if I start now, we'll have many years to talk about this little boy who lives so far away, so differently than we do.

Maybe when Kaylee is a little older, we'll sponsor a second child; someone that she can write to and connect to another part of the world.

Any thoughts on how to expose kids to the needs of others?



Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

We sponsor a kiddo too and this year we let our boys pick out another child they'd like to sponsor. I think it's so important to expose our children to the hurting world and show them how they can help.

Ronda said...

Last year a few weeks before Christmas, I told Tia that Santa really wouldn't want to leave us any presents once he saw how many toys we already have. She and I went through the play room and gathered up a big bag of toys to give away to "kids who have no toys". She was only 3 but really got into it. I also had her go with me to the Good Will to do the drop off. She was so proud of herself, and it made me feel good too!

mom said...

This is an excellent way to begin, honey. When you kids were young, we also did something at Christmas time to pic out toys, and clothing needs for hose little o nes...area stores had opportuitities to participate. But I really love what you are doing because it is ongoing. Steven will be someone you can think of and build a continuous relationship.

Marlene said...

Dan and I each have had a child through Compassion for many years, and our kids have read letters and helped draw pictures for our sponsored children. For a while, we had a world map on Timmy's wall, marking where various members of our family live, and included our sponsored children on it.


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