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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stickers in the Bathroom

I bought some vinyl stickers back in September from Uppercase Living and never got around to putting them up in my house.

I pulled out the decorationg loot and started rubbing them all over my downstairs bathroom. I'm worried about the ones going over the edge of the sink. Does that look silly? Are my kids going to pick and scratch it off?

I love the one on the mirror, but I love that little Blondie even more.

The little step stool, which is the source of MANY sibling struggles, got a little face lift.

The simplify sticker was included free with my order, and rubbed it on the microwave. I'm already a VERY SIMPLE person, so it's not like I need the reminder on a daily basis.
I wish I could put up "RELAX", or "SMILE" because those would be more helpful....Maybe I'll switch it out at a later time since I like the white lettering on the white microwave.


Anonymous said...

I guess I wonder more about cleaning the sink with the decal on it...looks cute though~

Ronda said...

My kids fight over the stool too! We have one upstairs and one down. I sometimes think we need two in each bathroom!
I see your ornament hanging there!

BeeHappy said...

I love the one on the sink. I would have never thought to do that. Very fun things!


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