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Monday, March 18, 2013

Large purple shirt


I found this purple shirt at a thrift store near my mom’s house for $1.99.

Love the color.

Love the price.

Love the bling along the neckline.

It was a size 2X, so I grabbed it, because I can *usually* alter things to fit me.WP_20130208_007

I cut about 4 inches off the bottom and didn’t bother to hem it because it rolled up and looks just fine!  Sweet….

2013-02-11 001 2013-02-11 002

Then I pulled out the elastic thread and decided to try it on the scrap piece I cut off the length.  To my great surprise, it worked and gathered up the fabric just right.   I’ve tried elastic thread about 4 other times over the past year with zero success.  I’m not sure why it worked this time around…but makes me think, “If at first you don’t succeed, try  try again.”  There’s a reason that quote took off….huh?

2013-02-11 001 2013-02-11 001

I love the rouching (is that the right word?  Spell checker has never heard of it…) on the sleeves, which turn them into the  right length so I don’t have to push them up all day long.


1 comment:

Little Blue Mouse said...

It's ruching, and it does look good on your sleeves.


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