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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mommy's little cheerleader

I'm putting a HUGE effort into exercising lately. Thirty minutess EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Most of the time I'm down in the basement with my elliptical. Joshua calls it my "big toy". Um, yes... that's the biggest toy I've ever had!

The other day I decided to do an exercise DVD for 30 minutes in the living room. The kids were eating breakfast and watching me. Joshua said, "Mom you're doing so good!" then later, "Mom! You are working very hard!" Over and over, he shouted out genuine encouragement. 8 times during a 30 minute video. The video was kicking my butt, so I did appreciate his watchful eye. At one point I stopped with the intention of getting some water, but he said "No mom! Keep going!". So I did.

Later, I was pondering how he knew to encourage me. He certainly doesn't say anything when I'm mopping the floor or doing laundry! How did I get this sweet little boy? (He threw a screaming fit today over wearing a helmet while riding his bike, so it's not all fun and sweetness over here)

While I'm on a roll bragging about my kids, Miss Kaylee recognizes 75% of the alphabet in sign language and written letters. HUH? How did that happen? She can actually sign about 10 of the letters herself, which is great for 18 months. I"m totally fascinated by this; I'm the type of mom who is constantly surprised at what my kids know. Did you know that Joshua can spell and fingerspell words like ROBOT and WORLD? He's 3!



ookamama said...

You definetly do have exceptionally smart kids ! I'm proud of your determination with your exercising, good job Ame,,,,!

Ronda said...

One time Tia was watching me on the elliptical and said "Shake it up Mom!". I have no idea where she got that from!

Neabear said...

That is amazing! But I had heard that children pick up sign language better than adults. Did you see the interview that was done about me? You might be interested in it.


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