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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Plant stand

I got this plant stand from my step mom about 8 years ago. It was headed for the trash because it was wobbly and unwanted. I painted it cream and tightened up the screws and used it as ... a plant stand at my old house. Brian hates it and almost threw it out recently. Once again I rescued it and tightened up the screws, but this time I squirted some of that gorilla glue in the nail hole. Poor thing's going to get a complex about disintegrating away in some landfill.

I cleaned it up, spray painted it and decoupaged that paper on the top. It holds a lamp in the guest room. Not bad for free, but I'd really like one of those half circle tables that would lean right up against the wall. See that lampshade? I actually painted it with the same color as the wall.
Here's the "before" photo of the shade.
When I bought the shade for our first apartment, the leaves were definitely NOT that vibrant green color. It faded really strangely over the years and I would not have used it ever again. I thought it was worth a shot to paint it. It turned out....just weird. I kept it for a weekend, then threw it out and bought a replacement shade. I'm having a rough time with lamp shades lately...Guess I've learned my lesson that they shouldn't be spray painted or wall painted. Go figure.



Anonymous said...

I have a lamp shade in my room that I love but doesn't go with my stuff since I downsized to one room. I found the PERFECT one online . . . for over $200. For that reason I'm sticking with the one that doesn't match for a while. I don't think anyone really notices it but me. One day though . . . probably the month before I move again . . . I WILL find another one that goes perfectly with my current decor :-) ~Erin

Kelly said...

Hi Amy Jo:

You did a fab job on the table.
Love it!

I saw on a blog where someone did paint her lampshade with acrylic paint. If I can find it, I will be sure to e mail you. It turned out very beautifully.

I did bought a plain white lampshade for 3 bucks at Ross, I plan to paint it soon. I wanna see if it works and I need one for my living room anyways.

Again super job!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

I LOVE how that little table turned out!! Fantastic job!


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