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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Any idea what's going on here? This is the biggest UFO I've got. (Un-Finished Object)
My mom actually has a big pile of this stuff at her house too, although I have to take responsibility for getting this started. She thinks all my ideas are great, and jumps right in even when she probably should say, "um...let's do something more fun and easy."
You know how women "nest" at the end of pregnancies? Well, I start enormous projects in anticipation that I'll never have a free moment to be crafty once the baby arrives. This was the nesting project before Joshua arrived. He was 10 days late so I got a good start on this ridiculous idea I found in a quilting book from the 1970's. This is one way to use up scraps of fabric to make a scrappy quilt if you have a lot of patience and a few years to work on it.
We cut out these 6 sided shapes. (what are they called again? I bet Joshua would know) Then sewed them to make a little pocket. Then stuffed each of them. Each shape has to be hand sewn to the other shape. It's harder than it looks.
I bet my mom is surprised to see that I have 7 of them sewn together. 7 down, 200 to go.
P.S. I used these shapes to make some pin cushions and I'm thinking they might be a good size and shape for some bean bags too. You know, just in case the blanket thing doesn't work out.



Neabear said...

I'll be checking to see if you finished this. I have UFO's too. I should probably tackle some of them as I have waayyy too many right now. signh...Good luck with your project.

Kristin said...

Ha! That is too funny. I didn't know they were called UFOs, but I have some around here as well. Of course, my projects aren't nearly as crafty to begin with as yours are! But it is true that we start all of these great things in pregnancy and then they are forgotten. And mine are usually very baby-looking, so when my boys are teenagers, they may just have to deal if I finish one of my projects by then. :)

Kelly said...

You have been BOO-ED! Come to my blog and get it! :)

BTW, ya know, you can always make 200 pin cushion as a christmas gift. Heh!

mom said...

Ok smartie...guess I will get working on my stash...this winter.
= )
love mom


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