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Friday, October 24, 2008

Where's the paper?

Let me say first of all that I love having 3 places to hang toilet paper in my house. It is a luxury, after living the past 14 years in homes with just one place to take care of business.

But, can someone tell me where all the paper is? Every 2 days or so, they are all empty at the same time. HUH? If asked, Joshua will say, "Amy Jo says only to take one or two pieces". Sometimes I'm mommy and sometimes I'm Amy Jo. I'm okay with that right now.

I once caught him trying to flush an enormous amount of paper down the toilet. And I wonder how often that happens. For now I'm just going to leave the rolls empty and keep a box of Kleenex in each bathroom.



Little Sweethearts said...

I guess all kids have done this at least once in their life...

Be careful with Kleenex. I'm not sure it's designed to dissolve in water like toilet paper does.


Kelly said...

Well, once my little boy dump the entire roll of toliet paper into the toliet and *tried* to flush it whole. My hubby had to get it out. Better him than me! LOL!!

Lisa said...

This reminded me of the times I had a whole roll unrolled right into the potty. Ugh. I implemented a "2 square" rule with my oldest hoping that would limit him to at least 15. Twice I have caught baby girl with her hand down in the water. It is just a matter of time before she figures out how to waste all that paper.

Neabear said...

I don't recall ever having that problem with my kids. But while living at my parents we had to make sure the dog didn't get in there otherwise there would be toilet paper all over the floor.


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