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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ants on a log

Is celery in season now? It was super cheap at the store this week. Where in the world do they grow celery? I know it's not New York because we've been covered in snow all week.

I had a great idea to make "ants on a log" with Joshua. Great little food project, right? I figured it would keep us occupied for 4 minutes and maybe, just maybe he'd eat a vegetable.

I told him to get his step stool because we were going to make a TREAT!

Generally, the word TREAT includes some form of chocolate, so the poor kid was was perplexed when I pulled out celery, peanut butter and raisins. He stood and watched me spread the peanut butter and cried. "No, I don't want it! Mommy no!" He was distraught. Actual tears were shed.

So I ate them myself. Yum!



Anonymous said...

too funny! My kids would cry too...they like raisins but not peanut butter...i know it is insane...i think i have the only 2 living breathing kids who hate peanut butter...when we went trick or treating O would walk away from some of the houses and just hand me the peanut butter cups :)

Traci said...

Oh man, actual tears! I could see Riley doing the same thing. It sounds good to me :-)

Anonymous said...

I was laughing out loud here! I love it.
Today I gave Tia her first pear. I can't believe she has never had a pear but I know it's because I can't eat them, so I never buy them. She resisted at first but then said "Mommy, I really do like pears!". It was like she surprised herself.
Better luck next time!

Neabear said...

He doesn't know yet what he is missing out on. Hopefully he will learn to like more things. I did eventually too. So did my kids. Crazy!

bloggin' Chrystal said...

Sorry Amy Jo...I'm with Prince charming. I wouldn't have eaten it either. It looks like fun to make though. LOL! I wish I were in the snow in New York with you. Southerners don't see much of that so celery is probably grown somewhere around here...LOL!

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

I have not had that snack for years! My mom used to also spread cream cheese instead of peanut butter (no raisins), which is also tasty. As for the celery, its probably on sale because so many people use it for homemade stuffing for Thanksgiving. I read several books about Amish people and they grow tons of it for weddings, so PA, OH and IN must be ideal conditions : )


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